Homeowners Insurance

Protecting One of Your Greatest Investments

Your home is one of the focal points in your life. It's where you raise your family and where you make so many of your memories.

But accidents and mishaps, both large and small, can occur at any time, damaging or even destroying your home and the possessions you've worked years for.

The right homeowners insurance can help protect your home and your cherished possessions, and even help pay for damage you accidentally cause outside the home.

Every home and every family are different, which is why your coverage should be customized to your needs, helping ensure you recover from all of the unexpected trouble that may crop up in your life.

A typical homeowners insurance policy is actually a package of several different types of coverage, including:


Property Damage Coverage - As the name implies, property damage coverage will reimburse you for damage to your home and personal property. Usually, other structures, such as detached garages or buildings, will be covered as well.

This is the central coverage of any homeowners insurance policy, so it's important to consider elements like deductibles, exclusions, and limits when selecting your property damage coverage.

Beyond merely paying for the damage to your property, a typical homeowners insurance policy can also help pay for:

  • Additional living expenses while your home is repaired.
  • Debris removal.
  • Replacing trees, plants, and other landscaping.

Additional Personal Property Coverage - Sometimes called a personal property floater, this type of coverage helps insure the full value of expensive or cherished possessions, such as jewelry.

When you elect a personal property floater, the valuables you'd like to cover are itemized and extra insurance is purchased to cover them.

This coverage is an excellent choice if you have valuables that may not be adequately covered under your home insurance policy's standard property damage insurance.

Personal Liability Coverage - In life, we all make mistakes. Personal liability coverage can protect you from liability for accidents that you, your family, or even your pet are found responsible for, while on or off your property.

Personal liability coverage generally has no deductible and can pay for defense costs and damages a court might find that you owe, up to the policy's limits.

It's important to note that personal liability coverage only pays for non-auto accidents. Your auto insurance would cover accidents involving your covered vehicles.

Coverage for Medical Payments - This type of coverage pays for the medical expenses of a guest who is injured on your property, regardless of whose fault it is.

Medical payment coverage can help you avoid costly medical bills due to an unforeseen accident.

Coverage for All Types of Homes

Of course, accidents don't just happen in houses. There are a wide variety of packages available for condominium owners and renters. These packages can protect your valuable personal property from fire, burglary, and other mishaps.

Auto-Home Packages at a Price You Can Afford

One of the easiest ways to save on your homeowners insurance is to package both your auto coverage and home insurance together with one carrier.

With auto-home packages, you not only have the convenience of working with one carrier but you can also save significantly when compared with purchasing your insurance separately.

Let Us Build the Ideal Policy for You

Whatever your circumstances, you have a wide choice of homeowners insurance coverage. At the Insurance Center of Milwaukee, we'll discuss your home and your family as well as any special needs or concerns that you have.

With years of experience providing home insurance throughout Milwaukee, we'll help create the ideal coverage for you from among the nation's great insurers.

While you can't always prevent accidents, you can give yourself great protection to recover from any mishaps that life may throw at you and your family's greatest investment.

Get a convenient, instant quote, or call us today to talk about the right insurance plan for your home.

At the Insurance Center of Milwaukee, we provide:

  • Insurance for homeowners, condo owners, and renters.
  • Advice on the right policy that will meet the needs of you and your property.
  • A wide selection of coverage from top insurance companies.
  • Auto-home packages that can save you money.

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