Vehicle Safety Features

Looking for a Car? Look for These 7 Safety Features
Price, body style, gas mileage – there’s a lot to consider when picking out a vehicle for your daily commute or weekend road trips. One area not to overlook? Safety features.
With more advanced technology than ever before, today’s cars are helping to keep us safe on Southeastern Wisconsin roads and making auto insurance more affordable. Here’s how:

  1. Electronic stability control: Helps detect and reduce loss of traction. Now standard on 2012 cars and newer.
  2. Forward collision warning: Alerts if you’re about to collide with something ahead.
  3. Automatic emergency braking: Slows or stops your car when forward sensors detect an impending collision.
  4. Backup camera: Provides visibility behind your car when you are in reverse.
  5. Lane-departure warning: Sounds an alarm if you start drifting out of your lane.
  6. Blind-spot detection: Senses when another vehicle or object is in your blind spot, triggering a light or other alarm.
  7. Adaptive headlights: Shift to provide better visibility as you make turns or go around curves.

As impressive as these features are, keep in mind they’re not a substitute for all of the things you need to do as a responsible driver – staying alert, driving at the right speed, etc. They can help make our journeys safer and they may even help you save on your Milwaukee Bay View car insurance.
Finally, to check the safety rating of a car you’re considering, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at